What I Am Hoping To Learn In Com 251

As of this moment, all I know about sharing information by using technology is through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and online newspaper such as USA Today or BBCNews. I heard of blog and other technology being used to share information, but I have never been interested in them until now. Being a student in the Business department made me realize that every information, even the tiniest one matters a lot to the standing of a business. That is why I take this class. To learn how technology is being used to communicate information. This is my goal because as the year advances, technology will also become more advanced. So, I wanted to catch up with the technology fully understanding how it shares information.

The picture attached is the superhero batman. He is suited to what I am talking about because he knows how to gather all the information he needed, every single one of them. He never fails, and he always comes out on top of everything. I want to be like him. I know it is childish but if you dream high you will not fall too far from your dream, am I right?

The master of information.

The master of information 

For those of you who is interested to learn more in depth of what information is, here is a short video from youtube explaining what it is.

Here is a good example of what information is. It talks about the shooting that happens in Sydney. http://kazblah.com/2014/12/17/this-is-still-our-sydney/


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